The Ruhaniat Calendar: Events at a Glance

Dear ones, welcome to the Ruhaniat calendar. We strive to list all major upcoming SRI events such as camps and retreats on this one web page for easy reference. It is designed to be quickly and conveniently scanned by eye for type of event, presenters, date and location. NOTE: Many local and evening Ruhaniat events (Dances, zikrs, workshops, classes etc.) are listed on this web site, separately by area. Select "Locations" in the main menu or the symbol
   ♥ For details on any event just click on the title (on the left), which is a web link that will take you to the event flyer or web site. On small screens you will only see event titles and dates; swipe right or tap the event title for more info
   ♥ The column 'Youth Program' on the right indicates the events that include separate planned and supervised activities for children, tweens and teens. See event flyers or contact the organizers for specifics.
   ♥ Young adults are welcome, of course, at all Ruhaniat camps and retreats. In addition, visit our Sufi Youth pages for more opportunities.
   ♥ More Dances of Universal Peace events here.

Looking for a local or evening Ruhaniat event? Dances of Universal Peace, zikrs, workshops, classes etc. in your area or anywhere? Just select "Locations" in the main menu (top bar or the ☰ icon).

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