Ruhaniat Affiliated Centers in the US

Sufi Ruhaniat International is incorporated in the US as a 501(c)3 organization. These Centers have met the criteria to operate as affiliates of our corporation:

Ashland Sufi Heart Circle: Dedicated to the awakening of the Heart, the pursuit of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Unity of Religious Ideals, sacred agriculture, and the sharing and practice of the glorious Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty of Hazrat Inayat Khan, serving Southern Oregon and Northern California
263 Reiten Drive, Ashland, OR 97520-9020
Contact: Khalil Elliott, 541-482-4902,
Officers: Khalil Elliott, Munir Covey, Lakshmi Lockhart

Garden of the Heart Inc:
PO Box 670, Bayside, CA 95524-0670
Contact: Latif Burdick, 707-822-6955,
Officers: Latif Burdick, Pegeen Ilene, Michael Furniss, Ananda Hazzard, Rahima Wolf

Golden Gate Sufi Circle: In service to the Message of Love, Harmony, and Beauty, sponsoring and supporting camps, retreats, and other gatherings in the California regional area
PO Box 559, Sebastopol, CA 95473-0559
Contact: Aamil Targow, 707-823-4337,
Officers: Aamil Targow, Halim Friedman, Malika Merrill Endres, Mary Kenney, Rachel Maize, Shafee Ballinger

Rose Heart Sufi Community: Dedicated to the Embodiment of Universal Spiritual Liberty, and Sacred Sound and Movement, serving North Carolina and the surrounding areas with Sufi gatherings, Dances of Universal Peace, retreats, camps, and special events
PO Box 13226, Durham, NC 27709-3226
Contact: Farrunnissa Rosa, 919-361-2383,
Officers: Farrunnissa Rosa, Nur Rahmana Purcell, Habiba Niswander, Hayat Lindgren, Hamid Chaika

Sufis Hawai'i: Focusing Island Sufi camps, Dances of Universal Peace gatherings, community zikrs, and other events
PO Box 1268, Haiku, HI 96768-1268
Contact: Leilah Be, 808-573-8334,
Officers: Leilah Be, Bodhi Be, Basira Beardsworth