Where to Start

If you are new to Murshid SAM’s writings this short section is to help you find your way more easily into his writings and life. The archive is primarily a collection of the written works of Murshid Samuel Lewis. Because of the prodigious amount of material he produced we have chosen to give prominence on to what we consider to be Murshid’s major original esoteric papers and his esoteric commentaries on the works of Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan; to Murshid’s Poetry; and his Diaries. Almost all of his known writings are however available on this website.


For anyone new to Murshid’s esoteric writings the place to start is here with Papers. We have arranged this selection of Original Papers and Commentaries into 11 Subject Divisions to allow you to browse through and choose items of interest more easily. Here you will find 70 of what we consider to be his Major Works covering a broad spectrum of topics relevant to the spiritual path of inner unfoldment.

There is a life time of study in these papers. Pace yourself, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. First Read the section About the Major Papers to find out how get the most benefit from reading the papers. Given the esoteric nature of these papers they are not only to be read in the usual sense with the intellect. When the heart sphere is activated the depth of their meaning is greatly enhanced.


Murshid S.A.M.’s deepest mystical experiences and spiritual realizations were perhaps most completely expressed through his poetry. We have chosen what we consider to be Murshid’s Major Poetic Works.  Included here 32 poems which are divided into Epics, Longer Poems and Shorter Poems. We have also included the remaining 94 poems as Additional Poetry which are divided into Earlier Work, Shorter Work, Longer Work and Miscellaneous. Read the section About the Poetry for more.


What we have here of Murshid’s Diaries covers 11 years between 1956 and 1970. The Diaries record many of the most significant events of his life during those years. These writings are a unique source of information about Murshid’s life, how he lived it and who he really was as person.


Additionally, the Archive is a way of getting in touch with who Murshid SAM’s direct spoken transmission in its full and naked expression. Start with some of the audio recordings Sixty Four Talks and Lectures, a collections of talks and lectures given between 1966 and 1971 or choose the video Dance to Glory excerpted from the film Sunseed by Amertat Cohn.


All of the written material is downloadable in PDF format. When you click on any paper you will notice in the top right corner of the page the PDF symbol. This has three options: Print, Email and PDF. Click PDF and the item will download to your device. You can also email a link to the paper or print it. The audio files are also downloadable as MP3 files.