Ruhaniat Activities in Central and South America [EN]

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The Sufi tradition has found much interest in South America and Central America, and a number of Ruhaniat teachers have presented events in recent years in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, and more. To see all upcoming events worldwide, visit the SRI Events Calendar.

Visit for downloadable Sufi works translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and more.

Here are some Ruhaniat teachers who regularly teach in Latin America.  Please contact them about their schedule.

Pir Shabda Kahn, Fairfax CA, USA

Murshid Abraham Sussman & Murshida Halima Sussman, Cambridge MA, USA

Murshida Mariam Baker, Fairfax CA, USA 

Sheikha Darvesha Victoria McDonald, Silver City NM, USA

Grace Marie, Fort Collins CO, USA

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Port Townsend WA, USA

The Dances of Universal Peace were created by the founder of the Ruhaniat, Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.  Sufi teachers and Dance leaders have taken the Dances into many areas in Central and South America, where they took root and are thriving.  Here are some links to find out more:

Danzas de Paz Universal (Español) on the DUP International web site 

Facebook DUP group in Spanish

DUP Yahoo group in Spanish