The Poetry of Murshid Samuel Lewis


In Murshid Samuel Lewis' paper entitled "Six Interviews Hazrat Inayat Khan" he described his experiences on Khilvat (or spiritual retreat) in the following way:

There was a recurrence of this appearance of Khwaja Khizr on the second night and then on the third. He offered poetry or music. Sam chose poetry. On the third night there was a long argument—why was the poetry chosen and not the music? It is not necessary to detail this but if anyone wants it, it can be given.

 Actually, it was not a choice. It is merely a different story. Years later the music did come, and it is coming, and with it the Dance, but these are different stories. After the third night Sam began writing incessantly.

This archive contains poetry that Murshid Samuel Lewis wrote over many years of his life.  Poems range from very short pieces that he wrote earilier in his life to very lengthy "epics" that he wrote in his latter years.



Murshid Samuel Lewis' Commentaries On the Writings of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Murshid Samuel Lewis invested a great deal of time producing written commentary on many of the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan.  Most of these documents contain the original writing by Hazrat Inayat Khan with Murshid Samuel Lewis' commentary interspersed throughout.



Murshid Samuel Lewis' Correspondence with Individuals




Murshid Samuel Lewis' Correspondence with Organizations




The "Diaries" of Murshid Samuel Lewis

These documents contain Murshid Samuel Lewis' diaries from 1956 through 1970.  It was his habit to construct much of the material by choosing specific pieces of his correspondence with various individuals and organizations to serve as entries in his diaries as well.  Thus, some of this material is part of the correspondence portion of the archive as well.