Beloved Ones of God,

On January 15th we celebrated the 45th anniversary of Murshid Samuel Lewis' Urs. An Urs, or wedding celebration, is what the Sufi's call what the world in general calls death. Sam Lewis is anything but dead, if that means inert. He often said he would be remembered for continuing to communicate and give guidance to beings after his physical passing, and this has proved to be quite true.

watercolor423x300His life, and living presence was just honored all over the world. This moment in history is a time for active remembrance. At Murshid Sam's burial place at Lama Foundation, a visitor can now see a beautiful structure going up that will soon allow the many pilgrims that come every year to meditate there for hours with a great view from the sacred mountain and with shelter in the sun or rain.

We are actively remembering Murshid Sam in our work. Month by month my colleagues and I are researching and writing the first biography ever done on Murshid Sam's life. It is a voyage of discovery, as new material amazingly appears, and complicated questions become clear. I pray the finished book will be a great blessing for the world. It will tell the story of an unusual and extraordinary person who had a most dramatic life that all can learn from.

An appropriate saying for him is the from the Psalms: "The stone that the builders rejected is become the cornerstone." Thank you for your help in supporting the process of describing him in a human way that God-willing may touch us all.

Murshid Sam's presence in the world continues to grow through the extraordinary success of his students, and their students, in catching his transmission of how to shed the artificial covering of the conceptualized and constructed self and merge with the oneness that is our real self, our immortal soul, an activity of God.

All over North and South America, Murshid Sam's Dances of Universal Peace touch the hearts of people and bring joy. And the same is true throughout Europe, in Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and the more than 35 countries where they are regularly done. The whole world is celebrating the sacred Names of the One and Only Being through the songs and chants of many religions and pathways to self-realization. At Khankah SAM we are happy to represent that work here in San Francisco and to receive guests from around the world.

Love and Blessings,

Wali Ali