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Beloved Ones of God,


Murshid Samuel Lewis' beneficent influence now permeates the whole world in many forms including the Dances celebrating all spiritual traditions. Just now I am trying to digest an immense amount of work Samuel Lewis did in the 1930s.


In addition to his work researching and co-authoring "Glory Roads" about cults and movements in California, and representing Social Credit in various political and intellectual arenas, he worked endlessly for the Sufi path brought to America by his teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan, and served as a Khalif for Murshida Rabia Martin who was an international representative of the Sufi teachings.


He had tremendous energy for life and expression. During the decade of the 30s he wrote prolifically about Sufi teachings and other spiritual insights. The large bulk of these writings were lost in a fire, but a number survived—some recovered from South America, others found in the Sufi Movement archives in Europe, some mistaken for the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan in the esoteric papers distributed in Germany.


To give you an idea of the content, here is an incomplete listing of papers Murshid Sam wrote in the 30s and that survived to the present:


Meditation on Yom—Essay on Fabre D'Olivet's The Hebraic Language Restored

*Githekas on Self Protection, Series 1, 2, and 3 used in Brasil and Australia as well as the Sufi center in Fairfax.

Eight lessons on Breath

On Abraham and Other Matters—esoteric essay

Communications with Inayat Khan. Begins with "My own journey in fana-fi-Sheikh began on February 5, 1930, exactly three years after his death, when the Pir-o-Murshid appeared to me and helped me from the other side to write the commentaries on his esoteric works. (i.e. his lessons for initiated disciples.)

*Githekas for Mureeds, Series I, II, III

The Parliament of Religions

From the Master Jesus

India and the Abolition of War

India United

Review, The Wheel of Rebirth, an occult book published in 1935.

The Bestowing of Blessing –book

The Influence of Zen on Western Art, essay

Art and Music –chapters from an unfinished book

Discourse on Arsh – Long paper relying on the mystical semantics of D'Olivet.

Shuyukhuyat, On Being A Sheikh. A version of this appeared in the Sufi Movement archives and later in Germany.

Esotericism, Series 3

On the Vital Force

The Book of peace

201 Suras on Breath

Sri Aurobindo and the Age of Integration

Essays on Music and Cosmic Evolution

Introduction to Soviet Sheikhs

Book of the Jamiat

Sufism, Series 2

Spiritual Dancing

Fana fi Sheikh

Psychism, Dangers and Benefits

Meditations on the Diwan of Shams I Tabriz


There are many more from the period that includes the early 40s. The Sufi Ruhaniat International has a remarkable collection of Murshid Samuel Lewis' writings on its website. You are invited to visit: ruhaniat.org


I hope this post gives you an idea of the vast amount of material that we have to go through in producing a deep and thorough biography.


Love and Blessings,

Wali Ali


Note: the papers listed above are available in our online archive at MurshidSam.Org. Those marked with an asterisk are available only to mureeds.