The Living Earth, Nature, and the More Than Human World


by Karuna Teresa Foudriat


      Since the 1980s  Muslim environmentalists have thoughtfully re-examined the Islamic tradition, uncovering the foundation for a sustainable view of the Creator, the cosmos and the human role in nature. In essay collections like Islam and Ecology,[1] in blogs, and at conferences, Muslim theologians, legal scholars, activists, urban planners and even folklorists, gardeners and poets have challenged many of the environmentally destructive practices of modern western society. They have drawn deeply, either knowingly or unknowingly, from the Qur’an, Islam’s original revelation and most revered text.

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 by Mary Hansel

Welcome to Critter Corner, a place where we can learn about amazing species we share our planet with. Do you have a favorite critter you’d like to tell us about? Let’s focus on ferreting out that which “transpires beneath that which appears1. In this context, I mean let’s focus on the function beneath the strategy. I suggest this so we focus on learning from nature rather than just learning about nature.

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Now I have laid bare,
Taken your medicine
In the white foam
Of your thundering river
Now I have become You
Now I have been blessed
Now replenished I go

Into the unknown
On my way home
On my way home.

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Karuna Teresa Foudriat’s speaks to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills Kingston, NY, September 21, 2014

Since I’m speaking to a UU congregation, I know I’m preaching to the choir when I point out that we live in uncertain and troubling times. Even as I speak, thousands of people, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, are converging in New York City to encourage world leaders to act responsibly on the issue of the climate change that is threatening to turn into climate chaos.

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 The Dance 

 When flickers of sunlight

 dance between aspen leaves

 to land on my face,

 my heart explodes

 like a dandelion puff, 

 scattering love and joy

 to sail to a million distant places,

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The Drive


It was a long, quiet ride home with you

Full of unspoken ease and acceptance,

and you were aglow, as usual.

Even when I couldn’t catch a glance your way,

I could feel it

And remember the completeness of our round cheeks touching.

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