Deepening in the Beautiful Names

offered by
Murshid Wali Ali Meyer
and Imam Bilal Hyde

Say, Allah is the Only One These three series of classes offer some fruits from the WAZIFA PROJECT - a forum where, for several years, Faisal Muqaddam, Pir Shabda, Imam Bilal and Murshid Wali Ali have met in rich dialog, unfolding the mystical and psychological properties of the Divine Attributes of the Nature of God in manifestation. These meetings were recorded and the transcriptions provided much of the basis for the book Physicians of the Heart.

The classes include: Inspirational teachings, walking and breath meditations, zikr and whatever else rises from the hearts of our teachers.

Class Format:
Each class consists of three sessions, roughly two hours in length.

The basic format of the day is:

  • A two Hour Morning Class Focalized by Imam Bilal
  • A two Hour Afternoon Class: Walking Practices and Dances led by Murshid Wali Ali
  • A two Hour Evening Class: Zikr and Q&A with both teachers


Click here for the track list of classes in each Seminar (pdf)

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The Ecstasy of Love 
Series I: The Ecstasy of Love

OverviewClass Materials

The Sound Code
Series II: The Sound Code

OverviewClass Materials

Divine Opposties
Series III: The Divine Opposites

OverviewClass Materials

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