Green Living & Social Activism

by Hakima Betty Lou Chaika

My husband and I have known for some time, ever since we received notice from the BIA and a genealogy chart, that he is descended from Ojibwe people on his father’s side, but we didn’t realize he had any close relatives on the reservation until recently through DNA testing. We contacted his cousins Lori and her mother, Sylvia, and arranged to meet them and to go with them to the annual Honor the Earth Powwow at the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation near Hayward, Wisconsin.

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by Karuna Teresa Foudriat

Our Purpose and Vision

The Long Spoon Collective works to create a way of life that meets needs while nourishing the systems that sustain us.

We are responding to the intertwined problems of climate chaos, the economic inequality inherent in our globalized capitalist economic system, ecological devastation, and our spiritual alienation from the other members of earth’s community.

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by Mary Hansel

There is no greater scripture than nature, for nature is life itself – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Following in the steps of mystics and artists long inspired by nature, designers of the human-made world are taking inspiration from nature in ever growing numbers as well. Biomimics are learning from prairies to grow food sustainably and studying the geometry of schools of fish to optimize energy capture in wind farms. Other examples include modeling the spiral growth principle of pine trees to reduce material use in plastic bottles, and fashioning the nose of a high-speed train in Japan after a kingfisher’s beak to improve efficiency and reduce noise.

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The Evolution of an Experiment in Grounded Community by Ann "Freya" Kreilkamp

For nearly two decades I have “known,” both intuitively and via mystic literature, that whatever is going on Above is also going on Below; and more, that whatever is happening on the Outside is reflected on the Inside — and vice versa. But not until my dear husband Jeff — whom I’ll never forget dancing in his Sufi skirt at a December Lava Hot Springs DUP gathering in Idaho — suddenly died, in January 2003, did I realize an opportunity to put into practice, in a much more grounded manner, this anguished understanding.

Jeff had bequeathed me his entire legacy.

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