Khilvat (Spiritual Retreat)

Retreat by Asha Greer



"Full moon, where will you be going from here?
Into a retreat.
Why do you take a retreat after fullness?
To make myself an empty vessel in order to be filled again."
- Hazrat Inayat Khan


"Know thyself"
- Jesus of Nazareth


On Retreat

The Four Pillars of Khilvat (Retreat)

Silence frees us from the engagement of the mind
Solitude frees us from the engagement of the world
Abstinence frees us from the engagement of addictions
Wakefulness frees us from the engagement of sleep
- Najat Roberts


We encourage retreat, both solitary and in groups.  Our purpose is to provide safe, supportive and appropriate guidance to those on the path of opening and self discovery.

Quieting the mind, learning concentration, finding deep inner stillness and learning to love the fact of life and its mystery are among the many delights of a retreat.  One has the opportunity to observe how one "does" one's self with a minimum of stimulus from the outer reality.  The inner reality becomes a subject of observation and transformation.

The experience is sometimes joyful, sometimes painful, often neutral and always illuminating.  Without an "other" to reflect us we become our own reflection.  It demands commitment to awakening.


Asha's TeahouseThe retreats offered through the Ruhaniat vary.  A retreat may have focus on special practices to tame the ego, to become aware of breath, to increase awareness, to improve concentration, to develop one's capacity for meditation, to develop devotion, to  increase a capacity for divine love, to open to vision and inspiration.

There are also practices aimed at providing a field in which unitive consciousness is not simply an idea or ideal but can become a reality.


There are a number of trained retreat guides available as well as several locations.

Saladin Pelfrey

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Asha Greer


If you are interested in doing a retreat you may e-mail:
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Asha Greer:

Also, group retreat opportunities may be found in the Ruhaniat Calendar

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