IMG 3260Daily 6:00PM Practices 

The residents of the Khankah participate in daily practices from 6:00-6:30PM at 63/65 Norwich Street, rotating the location between various spaces of the Khankah buildings and gardens. 
Our current schedule is: M, W, Fr, Sat, Sun on the 3rd floor of 65 in the Meditation Room. Tuesdays in the kitchen of 65 preceding our potluck, and Thursdays are lead by Wali Ali in the Mentorgarten at 410 Precita Avenue.

About the Practices
The 6:00 Practices began as an offshoot of Murshid Wali Ali's God is Breath year-long program of study. Our intention was to focus as a group on the practices given in each God is Breath class, so we came together to hold the post of these practices every day. We continue to hold the post of the Practices, under the direction of Murshid Wali Ali and our Spiritual Coordinator, Sheikha Magdalena Zubin Goldman.

A few words from Sheikha Magdalena Zubin:

During each daily practice period, we begin with the Sufi Invocation, often followed by a walking practice, an abbreviated Dance of Universal Peace, breath practices, and recitation of a Wazifah, a divine attribute which is of one of the 99 Names of God in Islam. We open our hearts and enjoy sitting in silent meditation. Our breath and hearts are naturally unified through these practices.


Our Spiritual Coordinator, Sheikha Magdalena Zubin Goldman
Magdalena Zubin was initiated into Western Universalist Sufism via Sufi Ruhaniat International in 1974, ordained a Minister in the Universal Worship in 1993, initiated as a Sheika in 1995, and certified as a leader of the Dances of Universal Peace in 2002. She has resided at the Khankah on two occasions, from 1995-1998 and from 2010 to the present.