Murshid SAM Gems IV (posted Winter 2015)

A major aspect of SRI's purpose in going online is to make available all the known writings and recorded teachings of our founder and teacher Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti (1896-1971), on the web. Thanks to the work of Abraham Sussman, Zahir Orest, Ayesha Candace Cruz among other beloveds, we have these "gems" of his spoken teachings. These are brief sound clips from cassette tape recordings made during teaching sessions with Murshid. No more than 5 minutes long each, they give us a very accessible means of experiencing his energy in the present time. (For the complete Murshid Sam Archive, visit Listen to any of these segments by clicking on the 'play' triangles. If not all the play icons show up, try refreshing your screen (usually that's a little rounded arrow or the [F5] key).

The Monkey and Cat Methods
of Spiritual Teaching

The Divine Transmission
in the Heart

Spiritual Dancing

Cold Feet, Empty Stomachs
and the Breath /
We are All Part of God

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