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The Rhythm of Life: Zikr

The value of Zikr is that it works, travels beyond, through, above, and beneath all peoples, traditions and religions.


Much of the music on this CD grows from the living heritage known as the Dances of Universal Peace. The copyright for this music is either held by the composer or the International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace on behalf of the composer.

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Devotional chants from around the world.

This beautiful collection of devotional songs were inspired by remembrance of loved ones.  All songs are composed by Abraham Sussman. 


Waters of Life: 2011 Northeast Sufi Camp - The recording is a benefit for the SRI Mureeds Emergency Fund Waters of Life: 2011 Northeast Sufi Camp - Live!


These Golden Winged Heart Notecards add a beautiful touch to any correspondence. Each pack contains 10 notecards with envelopes.


Woman As Divine explores these and other aspects of womanhood as they manifest through the ages.

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