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The Hope Project in New Delhi, India was begun in 1975 by Pir Vilayat.  From its very humble beginnings as a program to provide milk to the children of the basti (the very old neighborhood near the dargah of Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan), The Hope Project has grown to include schooling for hundreds of children, health care, thrift and credit, and vocational training.  Some of the young men in the vocations program are learning to be tour guides and have welcomed many guests for the recent Urs presentations in February every year at the dargah.

There is great poverty in this very old neighborhood and great dignity as well.  The emphasis is on education and health care for those who do not have other resources.  A recent addition is a Mobile Medical Unit (“Hope on Wheels”) funded by a German radio station and other donors from Germany!



The Board of Directors of The Hope Project has invited the Sufi Ruhaniat International to be a participating and supporting member.  Our first Director has been Quan Yin Lynne Williams, who served through 2009.  The Board has been so happy with our contributions that they have invited a second member to join; Richard Cuadra began his service February, 2008 and he has already had the new Executive Director of The Hope Project, Selvi Roy, trained in Attitudinal Healing at Richard’s Center in Marin County.  In 2009, Mary Shaffea Bartley also joined the Board, bringing her inspired leadership to serve this Project; and Richard began his service as Director.

The goals for fundraising have been met over the past 5 years but will be increased to stabilize funding.  The children are still being fed.  The babies are in a crèche program.  The school has many happy students with the goal to get basic skills to these youngsters who come from a non-academic background.  Health care (including multi-drug resistant [MDR] TB treatment), HIV/AIDS education and prevention, childbirth education and both allopathic and homeopathic routine medical care continue with expansion to a Mobile Unit.  The women of the basti can join a Thrift and Credit program that provides micro-finance.  Vocations taught are sewing, driving and touring.

Donations have been given by many individuals, in amounts from $1-1000 and more.  Camps, weekends, special concerts, events and auctions have made The Hope Project a fundraising focus.  To expand this important work of our Silsila, we remind all to donate yearly and to remember the Hope Project in our wills.  Every dollar is well spent.  It is truly amazing how much work is done on such a budget!  To donate, please visit the Hope Project India donation page or use this link for online donation in the USA

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