This site is a resource for youth & young adults interested in the Sufi Ruhaniat International

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For information on the upcoming 2018 Sufi Youth Jam in Colombia, visit sriyouthevent.wordpress.com


This site contains contacts around the globe, information on upcoming events, information on applying and donating to the SRI Youth Scholarship Fund, prayers, links, and much more. Enjoy exploring! 

The Ruhaniat youth, young adults and younger leader community is a vibrant, loosely-networked group of open hearted young adults and teenagers invested in the realization of love, harmony and beauty in our lives and in the world family. A Sufi’s house of worship is the human heart, wherein dwells the Divine Beloved. We hold a Universalist world view based on the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis, seeing and honoring the truth in all religions and spiritual traditions, known and unknown.


Some of us are new on the path, while others were raised in the Sufi Ruhaniat community. Regardless of entry point, history, or personality, it is safe to say that all involved are seekers and lovers on this path. We believe it is vital to have both youth and young leader voices present in our communities, and that we not feel like anomalies in our spiritual environment. For this and countless other reasons, we support young people from Sufi communities around the world in connecting with one another. Finding friends on the path in a similar life stage is part of fostering an environment of mutual support, integral to the healthy development of our generation and to our own inner journeys.