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  • NOW AVAILABLE, only from SRI: the 2nd Edition Hardcover of the groundbreaking work Physicians of the Heart, a Sufi view of the the 99 Names of Allah. Cost is $55 + $10 shipping (USA). The softcover is also available at $33, and the E-book will also be out soon. More info and easy online ordering here.
  • DHO, the Healing branch of the Ruhaniat, has a marvelous new online home. Visit
  • The Noor Inayat Khan memorial in London will be dedicated by the Princess Royal this coming November. We are the largest group of financial supporters for the project! Watch for more specifics here at that time.
  • A fresh, new printed edtion of The Bowl of Saki Commentary  -- an aphorism a day by Hazrat Inayat Khan with commentary by Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, newly edited by Murshid Wali Ali  -- is going to press at this time. Watch for the announcement.
  • Meanwhile you are invited to read the Daily Bowl of Saki every day online.
  • Recordings from the recent, fabulous memorial to honor Solomon Kahn ("DJ Solomon"), son of Tamam and Pir Shabda whose earthly life ended in an accident last winter, are online here. Hear music from Terry Rileyamong others, and view video clips of the event!
  • Hear the teachings of Murshid Samuel Lewis in his own inimitable voice and style: five additional  Murshid Sam Gems were recently posted on our site. These are brief excerpts from taped talks which exemplify, in clips just a few minutes in length, the truth and power of his words and his being.

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