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This ground-breaking book on Sufi spiritual practice, published in English in 2011 (visit web site), has inspired great interest among the world-wide Sufi community and others. It is a guide to the sacred practice of active remembrance of the divine qualities, the beautiful Names of the One — which can open the seeker's way to ever-greater freedom and peace. Our sisters and brothers in the German-speaking lands felt the call to arrange a translation into their language, and it will be available soon from Ruhaniat Publications.

To cover a part of the expenses for the translation, a special edition has been made, which is on the market since the 2016 Federation Gathering. You can buy one at a price of €101. For details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The standard edition will be released later.

Incidentally, we have a helpful online pronunciation guide for the Names, with female and male voices represented. (About Physicians of the Heart). Also,we understand that Spanish as well as Turkish translations of Physicians of the Heart are in preparation!

♥ Pir Hidayat Inayat-Khan addresses the recent Federation gathering. Murshid Saadi writes, "at age 99, he was full of fire, and h  is message conveyed encouragement as well as several warnings to those of us offering service in the spirit of his father." Read his talk here. (About the Federation of the Sufi Message). Since this talk, Pir Hidayat (Peace be upon him) made his transition into the Unseen Realms September 12th, 2016



♥ New recorded talks online: Pir Shabda Kahn speaks at Lama Foundation on the topic The Sufi Path and marrying the Non-Dual and Dual Path to God (video). Also hear Pir Shabda's daily Dharma talks from the 40th annual Mendocino Sufi Camp here.

Amina Kathryn Erickson (1941–2014) and the women of the Sufi Choir recorded Pure Diamond, with words by Richard Tillinghast and music by Allaudin Mathieu, in 1973. Written especially for Amina but never released commercially, the track has been remixed and remastered with modern technology, and is now accessible to all who have ears to hear her inspired, prescient music. Please download as a gift from Amina and those who sang with her during her loving and beneficent life. Click to visit the download page.

♥ Hear an important dharma talk "Sacrament: Food as Spiritual Gift" from "The Garden Path:
Creating a Culture of Awakening", by Murshida Darvesha 
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"Sacrament: Food as Gift – not product" is a dharma talk given by Sheikha Darvesha at the Lama Foundation Sufi Sesshin retreat this summer. It is part of a series, 'The Garden Path – Creating a Culture of Awakening'. Rooted in our Ziraat ray and asking the question “How shall we live?” these classes call us to bring the Awakened Heart into our ordinary activities and to make our daily lives our daily practice.

♥ From Colombia, from the Ecoaldea (Eco-village) Atlantida, comes this nicely done two-minute introductory video on the Dances of Universal Peace in South America, Bajo la Luz del Uno (In the Light of the One). Titles are in Spanish but the message is universal.

Learn more about Sufi outreach in Colombia that is uplifting, inspiring, and demonstrates how the Dances and Walks can be extended into global communities to affect social change, environmental justice and spiritual living. Visit Also visit our SRI World-wide page for Latin America.

Photos, recorded music and talks from India, the 2014 Urs Celebration of Hazrat Inayat Khan

The elegant new edition of "THE BOWL OF SAKI COMMENTARY"  is now available for purchase from the Sufi Ruhaniat Bookstore - Self & Soul Center. This beautiful volume is filled with the wisdom of two great Sufi masters Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis.  Newly edited and updated, this is a perfect addition to your Sufi library and to give as a gift. An electronic version will also be available soon.  Order your books today. Visit the online bookstore to see more great Sufi books as well. Read more.

ONLINE SUFI CLASS opportunities: Participate at home or form a group with local friends on the path: for information and registration visit Murshid Wali Ali's web site. In addition, wide variety of teaching talks by Pir Shabda Kahn   can be found on his web site.

"When the heart is open, a person will be most willing to give ..."   Read a personal anecdote told by Hazrat Inayat Khan, in the new letter from Murshid Tansen on the subject of financial generosity to the Ruhaniat.  Click here for ways to support the Ruhaniat including easy online giving.' !

The precious writings of Papa Swami Ramdas, Murshid SAM's 'Hindu guru', are now available as free downloads from Anandashram. Highly recommended by Pir Shabda and Murshid Wali Ali.

Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan said "If you will preserve my words as I have spoken, it will be as saving my life." The Nekbakht Foundation, headquartered in Amsterdam and dedicated to this aim, has a fine new web site detailing their mission and their offerings, along with a huge online gallery of photographs of Pir-o-Murshid.  The work of the Foundation is to research, transcribe, edit and publish The Complete Works of Hazrat Inayat Khan, using the original word-for-word shorthand records of what he actually said and when he said it. These are being made available as free downloads on their site, as well as in book form from Omega Publications.