Pir Shabda's Music Selections 


Madhuvanti Zikr - We went into the recording studio in Mother India, February 15, 2010, to record the Afternoon Ragas CD with accompanying Indian Master musicians, Ustad Kamal Sabri on Sarangi and Ustad Rafiuddin Sabri on Tabla. Several of the woman from our sufi pilgrimage joined me at the studio. During the break I asked the musicians if the were willing to improvise with me on the Zikr using the afternoon Raga known as Madhuvanti, with the women singing a 4 part ZIkr I wrote in the Madhuvanti Scale. This is the result!


The 99 Beautiful Names Sung Together - Vocal recitation of all the Names in the Moroccan fashion by Sidi Ali Sbai. Sidi Ali, friend and colleague of Pir Shabda, has been reciting Qur'an at mosques since age 10 and is internationally known, and he agreed to sing all of the 99 Beautiful Names.

 (Visit Physicians of the Heart to learn more, and "The 99 Beautiful Names: Guide for Pronunciation" to hear individual Names.)


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